The Farm is situated at Germalam, in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, at a height of 4000 feet above mean sea level. The weather is pleasant year round - not too cold nor uncomfortably hot!

The Farm is surrounded on three sides by the reserve tropical forests of the enchanting Western Ghats and bordered by a jungle stream with a small waterfall as well.


Bird-watcher sightings have included the common honey suckers, & Indian Horn-Bill to predators like the hawk, and the very rare Indian Eagle.

Wildlife sighted and heard include the big cats like leopards and tigers to predators like the wild dogs and jungle cat, to herbivores like the spotted deer, sambar, elephants and bison, to omnivores like the wild boar and sloth bear. Rare sightings include the Indian anteater.

Even an evening stroll within the sprawling rugged landscape of the Farm can involve sightings of ground birds like the Indian peacock & peahens, wild fowl, pheasants & quail, and hare. There is a large pond within the Farm, teeming with fish.

The Farm:

A dedicated area has an active farm that includes growing of vegetables, spices, coffee, and fruits. There are also experimental areas of organic farming.

The farming is made complete with the usual farm animals and birds like turkey, geese, sheep, cattle, and of course very friendly dogs.

Guests can take walks within the farming areas and (based on seasons) have the liberty, if they desire to pluck their own vegetables for consumption. Guests can also, at their option, get involved in regular farming activities.

Based on availability, Guests are allowed to buy fresh farm produce while checking out.



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