The primary accommodation is in full-size spacious tents. The tents provide the comforts of a regular room (beds, mattresses, pillows, blankets, etc.) along with the "wild" adventure of a tent. Toilets are a choice of Western & Indian styles and the bathrooms have running water off taps! Hot water is also provided for.

There are also rooms available for the less adventurous. The tents, however, give the Guest the unique and exhilarating experience of blending into a oneness with nature.

Though there is electricity available, light pollution is restricted to the common areas only. Tents and rooms are illuminated with authentic Indian lanterns. On a clear night, a Guest can step out of the tent and get a breath stopping view of the stars, with no light pollution clouding the vision.

The food is laid out in a buffet and Guests can partake to their stomach's content. The fresh farm produce also graces the table and Guests can indulge in this health food. Barbecues can be arranged on special request.

Guests wake up to nature's alarm clocks - the chirping of tens of birds!

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